It was a long time waiting, we were informed long time ago it was coming: The much anticipated Range Rover Evoque Convertible, a compact luxury SUV with “ohne oben”.
This SUV is a pleasure for the eye, with beautiful elegant lines and a eye-catching luxury interior that fits 4 adults. And going from with top to without top goes is a quick 21 seconds which can be done even while driving below 50km/h or mph.

Ahh…. and luggage, finally you have a convertible in which the lady of the house can go shopping; there is ample space for bags and gear as there is 251 liters of luggage stowage available. You can even store long items like skies through a down foldable midsection between the 2 seats.

Also a new InControl Touch Pro-infotainment system makes its debut in the Evoque Convertible. This system offers a 3G-connection for your smart phone, a navigation system and a premium audio system, all convenient located in a 10.2 touch screen in the heart of the high-class cabin.

For your safety and in case of the unlikely event of a roll-over, there is a Roll-Over Protection Device that deploys in 90 milliseconds. Just that you know!

This luxury beauty is available with all-aluminum four-cylinder diesel engines as well as a 240PS Si4 petrol engine. The diesel engines provide a full economy up to 55 mpg (5.1l/100km) and CO2 emissions as low as 149gr/km.

Available Spring 2016. We can’t wait to drive one!




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