Vacheron presents four new watches in the Constantin Métiers d’Art Fabuleux Ornements.

Now, two years after the first launch of this collection four new watches that finds its roots in the art of openworking and a combination of artistic crafts like Ottoman architecture, Chinese embroidery. Indian manuscripts and French laceworks.

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These extraordinairy watches are equipped with an ethereal hand-engraved movement: calibre ultra-thin 1003 in 18K gold.
The “Indian Manuscript” model is created  from the alliance of Grand Feu champlevé enameling and hand engraving. The “Ottoman Architecture” timepiece is defined by hand chamfering, purple mother-of-pearl base and a gold grid work studded with half-pearl beads. The “French Lacework” watch is adorned with a translucent hand-guilloché Grand Feu enamelled dial. The base of the gold dial is clad in a guilloché motif lending subtle depth to the transparent enamel and a set of garnet-colored sapphires and diamonds. The fourth timepiece “Chinese Embroidery” is crafted in white gold according to the stone-cloisonné technique with jade. The dial is sculpted from mother-of-pearl and featured a pink opal shaped according to the glyptic art and complemented by finely hand engraved gold leaves and pistils.

These timepieces are part of a limited edition of 20 pieces of each model.
They are only available in Vacheron Constantin Boutiques.


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