luxury car Lamborghini

Last week, Stephan Winkelman, President and CEO of Lamborghini, revealed its newest luxury sports car in Los Angeles California named the Huracán.

The Huracán is the 3rd version and is totally designed with driver enjoyment in mind. So of course it is a rear wheel drive car with the successful V10 engine.

“The rear-wheel drive Huracán is the third version of our successful V10 model and also the most focused on pure driver enjoyment,” Winkelmann said. “By offering a car that channels power to the rear wheels, we open the door to an even greater group of clients.”

Lamborghini made revisions to the steering, stability control and rear kinematics and these work in harmony to create a pure driver’s car.

The Huracán has been developed from the beginning with the intend to offer both four-wheel-drive and rear wheel drive to the privileged buyers of this beautiful driving machine and the result is a truly dynamic car.



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