luxury luggage set for Lamborghini

Lamborghini and Tecknomonster have come up with a new range of luxury cabin luggage named “La Rinascente” and it is is now available at the ‘shop-in-shop’ Tecknomonster, inside the Design Super Market “la Rinascente” in Milan, Piazza Duomo, lower ground floor.

Luxury luggage

Of course this unique luxury luggage series is of very high quality and made in Italy (where else!) using the same materials Lamborghini uses in their own cars such as carbon fiber and aluminum, and draws on the cars’ leather interiors and lining that are inspired by hexagon patterns – a distinguishing feature of Lamborghini design.


You can buy the carbon fibre Aurum trolley, with mechanical locks, which perfectly accompanies the two sizes of cabin bag. Also available is the rigid Bondia attaché case, a large and small shoulder bag, the Dropper backpack and the Niagara washbag, all of which can be packed together on the trolley.




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